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Status completed
Location Tokmak, Kyrgyzstan
Project Name Tokmak villages Potable Water Supply Project
Project Beneficiaries 15000 people
Project Duration 10 months
Project Cost $ 28400
Matching Grant #60203
Project Type Public Services/Water Supply
Partner Organizations Rotary International,
Intelligentsia International, Inc.,
Local Administration of Chui Region (Kyrgyzstan)
Project Objectives
- Construction of potable water delivery system for the villages of Shamsi, Kosh-Kashat, Kairma, Onbirjylga, Progress, Kosh-Korgon, Kara-Dobo, Sadovoe, Sailyk, Shon-Jar, Karagul villages of Chui region
- Improvement of sanitary and hygienic conditions for local people
- Organization of community based Water Users Association (WUA) for building and managing the new water system.
Project Overview
The project is a part of water project initiated in 1999.
Project Progress
The project was divided into 5 parts:

Part 1
RC Bishkek Club disbursed $5000, which was spent for acquisition of cement pipes (200 m), iron pipes (47 m, 200 mm diameter), iron pipes (50 m, 300 mm diameter) and various building material.
Newly purchased pipes were installed and water filters were erected and partially rehabilitated. Once done, flowing water volume increased three times.
Chlorination building was repaired, new roof was placed, doors and windows erected and walls plastered.

Part 2
RC Bishkek Club disbursed $5000, which was spent for 100 pieces of gabion nets. Using this gabion nest fenced water collection facility from all sides in order to prevent access of people and animals to the system.

Part 3
RC Bishkek Club disbursed $5000, which was used for 800 kg of barbed wires and 50 pieces of concrete poles. Water collection facility was fenced from all sites.

Part 4
RC Bishkek Club disbursed $5000, which was used for purchasing a security house. Ongoing problem in the water collection area was cattle manure contamination, violating sanitary norms requirements.

Part 5
Majority of used manifolds did not have collars and steel hatches, so emergency valves and manifold hatches were installed.
Final Project Report
Press release about the project was distributed in The Times of Central Asia, see PDF.

Final Project Report was submitted to The Rotary Foundation on June 30, 2008.
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